In Plain View

"This painting is an abstract representation of one's inner journey through life - the ancient quest to find ourselves and our place in the world. Read from the bottom to the top this painting abstractly portrays a road (or steps) leading to the center, an orb reflecting itself underneath. The center orb contains the symbol for dinner wisdom and is combined with an primal spiral. It is connected by repeated designs that refract away from the center. Above that, all points converge towards the smallest sphere and represents a higher level of existence. I painted repeated geometric shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle) with repeated designs all in counts of three - to reflect an inward space being transcended. It's monochromatic blue pallette feels celestial, aquatic, and organic. I feel this painting is bold, primal, and more simplified from my previous works - exhibiting a rising artistic confidence with paralleled restraint. This painting was deeply inspired by the In Flames song "In Plain View" with direct inspiration from the words : "The fire, my heads all wired. In plain view, there's nothing in the way. I see with clarity the eye of destiny but just a spark. Once again, I don't know. Deep inside, the memories that are left behind. Close my eyes, I am hopelessly lost in the fear.""

- Brandon Allebach

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