Icy Shop Window

"As a child growing up in Pittsburgh, we were always outdoors because there was very little to do indoors. We didn’t have a lot of toys because we couldn’t afford them, so our time was spent exploring what was outside the house. At the foot of our hill was a busy shopping district full of storefronts. In the winter, we would go down to the district to check out the storefronts. Some days conditions were such that the storefront windows were iced over, like one big icicle. With the stores having single pane windows and not keeping the store very warm overnight, ice was able to form on the glass and block our view of what was inside on display. We found ourselves trying to use a combination of our warm breath with our fingernails to scrape away the ice so that we could see what was on display. That is the inspiration for the painting 'Icy Shop Window'. It depicts what the inside of the store looked like through the icy shop window."

- Rick Ruark

Prints are produced on demand on stretched canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States.

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