Hai-an Range

"This image is one of my attempts at creating a 'painting' with materials and very simple chemistry, and then capturing in a photo. This is ink, some simple mineral crystals, water and oil. I let the minerals crystallize then added the other elements. The trick with this sort of image is to catch something worthwhile before the elements combine/turn to mud.

I was imagining a mountain range, Asia inspired art. This photo is a bit unusual in my current work, I spent a lot of time working with a digital pen to create more of a photoillustration. To get what I was seeing in my head took some time and meticulous work.The meaning for me in this is that I feel that I did produce the image I was seeing in my mind."

- Michael Van Huffel

Prints are produced on demand on stretched canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States.

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Artwork: Prayers Riding the Thermals by Cheryl Kinderknecht, Temple by Jeff Diener