Groveling in Emeralds

Lori-Anne Fay

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Prints are produced on demand on either acrylic plexi or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States. High quality print reproductions for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Lori-Anne Fay (she/her/hers)



Lori-Anne is a photographer and digital/mixed media artist. When told she was going blind 10 years ago due to Fuch's Dystrophy and Corneal Edema, Lori-Anne countered: "No, I am going to be a photographer/artist!"

Not one to give in to external circumstances easily, Lori-Anne determinedly found a way to pursue her passion. Lori-Anne’s photography has given her a new lifeline, a new career, and venue to improve her self esteem. She shares, "I see the world from a different perspective due to my Double Corneal Transplants; while I still have eye issues and will never have the sight I once had, my camera and I work in harmony."

Lori-Anne lives with social anxiety and PTSD after a previous experience with domestic violence. She feels free and safe behind her camera. Her art is a way of processing the world around her and feeling good about life again with a newfound perspective and degree of separation. Lori-Anne says, "My dream is to one day work with a high-end designer and see my work go directly into people's homes."

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Lori-Anne Fay
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Groveling in Emeralds
Lori-Anne Fay

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