Filtering Gravity

"This piece was created using Algraphy, a form of lithography using aluminum plates instead of stone. The process is planographic, meaning the etch is chemical rather than due to any physical carving or scraping. As with most printmaking techniques, each color has its own plate and must be lined up seamlessly to create a cohesive image in two colors. To achieve this, I drew the grid on a transparent sheet using pen and ink. I then painted the dots on a separate transparent sheet, making sure the two images would fit together. Each sheet was then burned into a separate plate, creating a surface the ink could cling to, and printed one on top of another. While this technique may be more commonly available than I know, I have only seen it used in Europe. I was fortunate enough to earn a residency at the Grafikwerkstatt in Dresden, Germany, in 2016, where master printers use and teach this process. To my knowledge, there isn't another way I could create the crisp lines while keeping the soft background effect I wanted for this piece."

- Kate Snow

Prints are produced on demand on stretched canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States.

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Artwork: Prayers Riding the Thermals by Cheryl Kinderknecht, Temple by Jeff Diener