Everyday Things

"The artist was having trouble getting back into a creative mood after some difficult months, and this is one of 3 pieces he created while trying to work himself out of the slump. The packed imagery content shows the flood of emotions, worries and relief that was released onto the canvas, with bold dark colors doing battle with the bright pinks, green and yellow that dare challenge the grid work trying to hold them in the background, and burst onto the scene in a mesmerizing flurry of images, sketchy outlines, words and phrases. Vito's artistic process is to work on several paintings at one time, adding one layer at a time that showcases the current topics trolling around in his mind at the time. There is always the repetitive favorite images of traffic lights in most all of Vito's paintings. These traffic light images almost act like a talisman, keeping any worrisome topics in the art at bay, and acting as protection for Vito and everyone in his world. The artist has several images he uses in this manner, including bunnies, Luis the Rat, and more. Some he uses more often then others, like his classic traffic lights."

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Artwork: Prayers Riding the Thermals by Cheryl Kinderknecht, Temple by Jeff Diener