Eliza's Commission Portfolio

Eliza brings beauty and functionality to our everyday spaces.  Using form and shadow, this work pushes the boundaries of visual experience. Simple yet perplexing, the viewer is challenged to reflect on the way they encounter the world.

Through her commissioned artwork, Eliza seeks unique design problems which present opportunity to broaden the horizon where functionality and art meet. 

 Paper Art

Framed paper art works are the cornerstone of Eliza's artwork. A few simple paper models produced in my basement during the early pandemic ignited a storm of design ideas.  The following collection of works is what has ensued.

Generated largely as custom commissions, this portfolio of work is continuously growing.

 Art Installations

The designs of Eliza have strength in their scalability. This collection of large installations were all initially conceived as paper study models. Moving from framed individual art works to larger installations was a natural evolution of her work.


During Eliza's career as an architectural designer, she recognized a design opportunity. 

In creating beautiful spaces which are also meet the demands of longevity, architects and designers tend to use materials such as concrete, natural stone, metals, and hardwoods. While achieving excellence in durability, these materials can unintentionally create uncomfortably loud spaces. Positive user experience is crucial to the perceived success of a building project. 

Currently, the only truly viable solutions to this problem is to add carpeting, or use extremely expensive, and usually unattractive, acoustical paneling manufactured by large corporate entities. Eliza's acoustic line offers a local artisanal alternative. 

Contact us for you are interested in commissioning a custom artwork by Eliza!

All Original Art

Temple - ArtLifting

All Prints

Prayers Riding the Thermals - ArtLifting
Artwork: Prayers Riding the Thermals by Cheryl Kinderknecht, Temple by Jeff Diener