Cosmic Swirl

The journey from the first half of life into the second half of life
Be prepared to journey
If you are in the early days of the journey
you might find more than you can bare
So go at your own pace
for with journeys of this kind
if you go too fast you just might miss yourself
Even so, you will most likely go back, find yourself, and pick up the journey where you left off
But it can be a bit bumpy if you are holding on too tight
Let go if you can
This courage will give you flight
Then you are carried by the movement of the wind
You are no longer walking the journey, you are the journey and the journey is walking you
You no longer have a choice
There is no return
Your shadows will meet you along the way
First they will fight and bare their teeth
And you will fight them back in fear for your life
But stay
Give up the fight
You have nothing to protect
Nothing to fear
Then they become your friends
Then you know who you are
You know they are you
And you are them
If you have many inner ones to keep
Keep them,
Lest no one gets left behind
Gather all of your selves
When you are all ready
All will see
You looking at you
Me looking at me

- "The Journey" by Christina Culverhouse

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