Geanna Shattuc

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"I used pen and ink for this piece. I like everything about this piece, it makes me happy. It's an older piece of mine, I made it in 2013. My style has developed since then. The pattern I used to create it is a lot simpler than the kinds of patterns I make now. It's still good though."

-Geanna Shattuc

High quality print reproduction for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Geanna Shattuc

Santa Cruz, CA

“I'm an Artist! There isn't anything else I say with that much power behind it.” 

Inspired by her own life experiences, Geanna Shattuc transforms images of activities and places she enjoys into repeating lines and shapes. Her forceful abstract vision of rhythm, repetition, and dynamic use of color translates into a powerful, artistic voice. 

Geanna aims to reveal a place of calm within chaos through overlapping patterns. She works primarily in pen and ink, but also combines watercolor with ink to create distinctive designs. Geanna takes pride in her unique artistic style. She says, “Making art has given me something that is my own.”

Although always a creative person, Geanna began formally developing her skills as an artist in 2009 when she joined The Claraty Arts Project, an arts program, studio and gallery in Santa Cruz committed to the equality and empowerment of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Today, Geanna has established herself as an engaged member of her local community and continues to connect with new people through her art.

Geanna strongly identifies as an artist: “It's my life. When people ask me who I am, I tell them I'm an artist! I didn't always have that. When I was younger, I didn't know what to say.” Geanna enjoys solving math problems, completing word searches, traveling, riding bikes, and bowling. Geanna is passionate about animal welfare, and volunteers regularly at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Geanna hopes that through participation with ArtLifting, more people will be able to see her work. She explains, “Sharing my work means so much to me.”

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Geanna Shattuc
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Geanna Shattuc

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