At the Riviera

"At the Riviera was inspired by my brother. He was a stained glass artist. His windows inspired the ink process because of the colors of the glass were contained in the lines. I actually did a similar smaller version of this painting which has been accepted into a show and also used as for a design on a financial report. Since this was a smaller painting I decided I should try a larger version. I really loved the challenge of going large. The process is one of my two techniques that I enjoy using. This one was really a challenge b/c in trying to replicate the canopies on such a large surface I had to work faster and larger strokes. Acrylic ink is fluid so you cannot always control the actual drips. I always draw on the canvas upright on the easel. I find it more challenging to be spontaneous. I've always wanted to visit the Riviera to experience the sun, the light and the colors."

- Connie Avery

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