Arboretum Spem 4

"Arboretum means botanical-collection of woody plants. Spem refers to hope. My hope was to create a series of sweeping trees that created a movement, with multiple variations of color. Trees represent the hope of life. Without trees, what would we have?

The inspiration and process of my creating this series was the challenge of using acrylic ink to create the sweeping trees that were painted by Piet Mondrian. Using the ink I tried to create the sweeping motion from side to side. Without realizing it I was using some of the color palettes to also create a movement along w/the ink lines to travel from one side of the tree to the other. Number 5 was an expansion of the 24x36 to 36x72.

It was a real challenge to create a larger size but I wanted to try to recreate the same pattern into a larger window size possibly to create into a stained glass window. I once was told by a priest that he could see these windows as church windows."

- Connie Avery 

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