The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center

 Since opening in May 2008, The Bridge has evolved into an internationally recognized model for homeless recovery, establishing and leveraging key partnerships to ensure its guests have access to a variety of services all coordinated at one facility that are essential to their comeback from homelessness. Located in the Farmers Market District of downtown Dallas and open 24 hours daily, the multi-service campus offers basic needs services, along with access to healthcare, income alternatives, and long-term housing. This “one-stop” concept lessens the need for transportation and alleviates frustration experienced by homeless individuals when accessing services.​


As the backbone for the delivery of services to the homeless in Dallas and six surrounding counties, The Bridge plays a significant role in North Texas continuum of care for homeless recovery services and is the primary partner of the City of Dallas and State of Texas in supporting this population. The Bridge is providing critical services to adults experiencing homelessness and engaging them on a path to homeless recovery every day.


For more information, visit: The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center