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Infusing hospitality into the workplace through art

Teaming up with Fusion Design Consultants and CBRE, we’ve curated a collection of artwork that fosters innovation and celebrates creativity in the new Bitsight workplace in Boston. The project features work by nine talented ArtLifting artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity.

One of the strategies we employed when selecting work for the space, was considering how we can bring the hospitality of home into the modern office. The art curation connects Bitsight teams to the concepts of vibrancy, visionary, clarity, and community.

Art was also selected to support branding the space, with special attention given to color and placement to ensure maximum impact. Each placement spotlights an individual artist, tying their unique visual styles to the concept and design of each area.

Each placement is accompanied with a plaque detailing the artist's story, providing the Bitsight community with insights about the work and artist. The plaques make visible the lived experience of the featured artists, bringing diverse representation to every artwork-filled wall. Throughout the new Boston office, Bitsight teams connect directly with their social impact, drawing a clear connection to the artists impacted by every art acquisition.


  1. A large stretched canvas print of an artwork by Rick Ruark hangs on the main wall of a modern common area in an office.
  2. Three fine art paper prints by Alicia Sterling Beach hang on a light blue wall adjacent to desks
  3. Two fine art paper prints by Scott Benner hang on a white wall in a cafe setting.
  4. A large fine art paper print by Tim Quinn hangs on the main wall of a conference room.
  5. A fine art paper print by Ken Morgan hangs on a light yellow wall across the hallway from a sleek kitchenette.

Photos by Luxe Life Productions

Let's talk about art!


Artwork by Allen Chamberland as wallcoverings in a long hallway.


Four people viewing a mural by artist Madison Elyse Rubenstein located at Harvard iLab in Boston.