About ArtLifting

Collage of artist headshots showcasing local artists with disabilities from various backgrounds.

Our Mission

ArtLifting advances access to the art market by connecting artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity with socially conscious customers to create meaningful spaces and products.
Image: Collage of ArtLifting artists.

Reducing inequity in the workforce

Creating access to the art market

combatting stigma and stereotypes

Our Model

ArtLifting is a for-profit public benefit corporation committed to building financial resilience for artists with disabilities and experience with housing insecurity.

Artists earn the majority of the profit from every art sale. We work closely with our community to create accessible opportunities.

55% of profits to artists; 1% to Community Impact Fund; 44% invested to grow impact; compared to standard 50/50 gallery agreements

Creating financial resilience

ArtLifting has generated tens of millions in sales and royalties, driving significant economic resilience for artists with disabilities across the US.

Image: Elizabeth Belstraz painting at a table.
Artist Elizabeth Beltraz painting at a table.

Increasing confidence and motivation

The impact of an art sale goes beyond finances – artists report selling their artwork impacts all areas of their lives.

Image: Kenneth Williams drawing at a picnic table.
Artist Kenneth Williams sits at a picnic table drawing.

Broadening perspectives

By acquiring and renting artwork by ArtLifting artists, our partners design social impact into their spaces.

Image: A mural of Outlive, Outlast, Endure Them by Madison Elyse Rubenstein at Harvard iLab.
Four people viewing a mural by artist Madison Elyse Rubenstein located at Harvard iLab in Boston.

Our Story

“We want an opportunity, not a handout.”

Liz Powers, co-founder and CEO of ArtLifting, heard this a lot when working as a social worker at housing navigation centers and community art programs in Boston.

A lot of her clients could not earn an income in traditional ways due to their own unique circumstances and health issues.

At the shelters, Liz would see clients create beautiful artworks.

While their art practice was therapeutic and provided community, most of the art ended up collecting dust in a closet – never to be seen or appreciated by anyone. As an artist herself, it was disheartening to know such talent was hidden away.

Creating artwork allowed people to process and heal – but could art lift them up economically?

In 2013, Liz and her brother, Spencer, founded ArtLifting to create opportunities for artists who faced significant barriers to inclusion in the art market.

By connecting corporate clients with underrepresented artists, ArtLifting contributes to more accessible economy and inclusive society where people are defined by their talents not their circumstance.

Image: Liz Powers and artist Scott Benner holding up one of his drawings.
Liz Powers, ArtLifting co-founder and CEO, stands with artist Scott Benner lifting a framed artwork above their heads
Cover of ArtLifting annual impact report

Our Social Impact

Annual Impact Report

Every year we survey ArtLifting artists to learn more about how our partnership impacts their lives. The data helps measure our social impact and community trends.

Read the Report
Artist MJ Cooper laying on the floor surrounded by colorful canvases.

Talented artists

Innovative art, powerful stories

We represent over 190 talented artists in 35 states, and counting. Every artist has a unique style and story to share.

Image: MJ Cooper with her paintings.
Meet the Artists

Diverse Supplier

Women-owned business

ArtLifting is a proud NAWBO certified Women's Business Enterprise. Speak to an Art Advisor to learn how ArtLifting contributes to supplier diversity initiatives.

Image: Liz Powers speaking at Demand Solutions in Chile.
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Liz Powers, CEO and co-founder of ArtLifting, is onstage giving a speech.

Our Values

Create Opportunity

Our artists, team, and clients partner to build access to the art market for everyone. Artists earn income and gain validation, confidence, and hope.

Spark Creativity

We redefine what is possible. Artists’ artwork, innovative practices, and stories of resilience are inspire, enlighten, and broaden perspectives. 

Deliver Value

We are a social and cultural educator and trusted artwork provider. We act with integrity and are motivated by the success of our artists and clients.

Act with Purpose

We are an impact-driven organization that is thoughtful in approach and intentional in action. With focus we move the needle on creating opportunity, addressing needs, and bringing happiness to others.

Learn Always

We are agile and openminded in identifying the best solutions and opportunities to support our stakeholders. We leverage data and thoughtfully reflect to excel in the present and plan for the future.

How does your company live your values?

Our Work

Make your values visible

We offer a full suite of efficient and effective art solutions for any environment.

Our team makes curating art for your space a seamless experience – from strategy and design, to installation and activation. We partner with companies and institutions to beautify spaces with artwork by incredible artists with disabilities to authentically engage communities.

Rotation Programs

Energize environments, celebrate community, and keep spaces fresh


Invest in original artwork created by emerging contemporary artists

Mix and Match

Maximize visual and social impact with customizable art solutions

Bain Capital HQ
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Bain Capital HQ

Bitsight Boston Offices
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Bitsight Boston Offices

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Google Cambridge

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Waterford Bay

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Bain Capital NYC Offices

PayPal HQ
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PayPal HQ

Rapid7 HQ
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Rapid7 HQ

Sereno Group Los Altos Offices
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Sereno Group Los Altos Offices

Image: Juliana Alonso making art with adaptive tools she created.
Artist Juliana Alonso drawing at a table using adaptive tools she created.

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