Tim Henning

Tim Henning

Searsport, ME

“Making art is the most life affirming thing I do.

Tim Henning (he/him/his) of Searsport, Maine has been painting for 6 years. He considers painting his “best form of expression.” Visual experiences such as nature, the streets, or television inspire his use of color and form. He’s looking forward to the increased sense of self-worth that is associated with selling his art.

Tim works almost exclusively in acrylics because of their flexibility and simplicity. He first comes up with an idea. Then, he mentally works through how it can be created, refined, and made better. While making art, his mind is (hopefully) quiet and eyes are open. Tim has learned from life's difficulties to not try to force creativity. He doesn’t try too hard nor take things too lightly.

Tim lives with chronic depression and his art has served as a personally directed therapy for himself. He shares: “Depression can be debilitating, it can be isolating and it can steal who you are. I think the majority of the general public has little idea of what "Depression" is about or how drastically it can change your life. Too often I have to turn within myself looking for understanding. So, I started my own little course of Art Therapy. Many of my paintings are about either looking past my depression or looking at it. Painting takes my mind off of my situation and focuses it on something more productive. I think the act of creation is in itself a healing. I hope everyone can find their own creativity and realize benefits in the process.”

The experience of natural wonders like forests, hills, rivers, and fresh air have inspired Tim’s identity. “There was so much to experience and to contemplate, so much that is pure, natural, and beautiful that I wonder what I would be like now without that background.

What I like the most is to watch people’s faces as they stand in front of a piece of my work for the first time, I love to watch their expressions as they consider my work.


Balance - ArtLifting
Blue Ice - ArtLifting
Blue Nautilus - ArtLifting
Blue Nautilus - ArtLifting
Canal of Colors - ArtLifting
Color Burst - ArtLifting
Conjunction - ArtLifting
Conjunction - ArtLifting
Crystal Blue Persuasion - ArtLifting
Crystal Blue Persuasion - ArtLifting
Dancing Display - ArtLifting
Dancing Display - ArtLifting
Day Dream - ArtLifting
FFP #7 - ArtLifting
Fish Fest - ArtLifting
Grecian Hill - ArtLifting
New Light - ArtLifting
New Light - ArtLifting
Organic - ArtLifting
Owl Wing - ArtLifting
Palette Fusion - ArtLifting
Passing - ArtLifting
Path to the Sea - ArtLifting
Pi - ArtLifting
Poplars, Color, and Light - ArtLifting
Sacred Proclamation - ArtLifting
Sailing Flag 1 - ArtLifting
Sailing Flag 2 - ArtLifting
Spring - ArtLifting
Study in Black & Gold #5 (Left) - ArtLifting
Study in Black & Gold #5 (Right) - ArtLifting
Study in Black & Gold #6 - ArtLifting
Study in Gold & Black #8 - ArtLifting
Study in Gold and Black 8 - ArtLifting
Tea Trails Too - ArtLifting
Terraces - ArtLifting
Terraces - ArtLifting
The Big Press - ArtLifting
The Tea Trails - ArtLifting
Under the Sea - ArtLifting