Terri Renner

Terri Renner

Oceanside, CA

Sharing her creativity with the world was Terri’s (she/her/hers) greatest joys and brought her life so much meaning. Terri was a proud member of the ArtLifting community until her passing in late 2018. It is an honor to continue to share her artwork and passion with the world. The artwork available will continue to inspire as well as make an impact for artists across the U.S., the proceeds from Terri’s work will be donated to ArtLifting’s Community Partners Fund. This fund provides art supplies to art programs and social service agencies who provide support to ArtLifting artists around the country.

Having MS limits the things that I can do.  Painting is a big outlet for me. Losing the use of my right hand has forced me to paint left-handed, inspiring the dynamic and creative nature of my art and opened up new avenues of expression without the sense of control I used to have with my right hand.”  

Terri was born and raised in Salinas Valley, California and lived in Oceanside. She began making watercolor paintings in high school and has engaged in a life-long practice of regular art making. Before facing challenges and limitations brought on by Multiple Sclerosis as an adult she enjoyed farming organic food with her husband and volunteering at local hospitals and nursing homes with their therapy dogs. Her 30 year marriage was one of her most valued accomplishments and values the opportunity to nurture her relationship with her husband daily.

I have learned that positive outlook is everything.  My husband has been a great supporter of my growth as an artist and person. I paint to express my joy of life and the wonderful relationship we can grow and nurture.

Terri participated in the Rancho San Luis Rey art group and enjoyed the camaraderie she experienced there, “I get ideas and inspiration working with the other talented artists who are part of the group.”  Terri describes that while making art “I feel empowered and enjoy the artistic revelation of myself. Terri feels that her participation in ArtLifting “has been a big inspiration. I appreciate being part of a group of artists on a communal journey to grow and be seen for our unique talents and abilities.”

Black Dahlia - ArtLifting
Bristol - ArtLifting
Carlsbad - ArtLifting
Circus Hat - ArtLifting
Dolphins - ArtLifting
Fog - ArtLifting
Midnight 1 - ArtLifting
Midnight 2 - ArtLifting
Palnumbra - ArtLifting
Poppies - ArtLifting
Renaissance - ArtLifting
Time Out - ArtLifting