Susan Brandner

Susan Brandner

Chicago, IL

Susan Brandner has a deep love for making art and reports that she would make art all day, every day if she had the opportunity! Susan struggles with depression, anxiety, and PTSD due to many horrible tragedies that happened in her life.

Susan (she/her/hers) describes art making as comforting, peaceful, safe, and the highlight of her week. She enjoys engaging in the process of making art because certain art processes are relaxing to her. "I like making bright colorful art because I wish to make the world a little brighter" she says, "I hope that others enjoy my art." ArtLifting is a wonderful opportunity for Susan to share her art and make the world sparkle a little bit brighter.

Susan has been an advocate in spreading awareness about unaffordable housing in Chicago and the struggles of the homeless population. It is important to her in being part of ArtLifting that people begin to see the humanity behind people who experience homelessness and mental illness and she hopes to continue to spread awareness as well as happiness and joy (and glitter!) through sharing her art with the world.

Out of This World - ArtLifting
Every Which Road - ArtLifting
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Tangled Innocence - ArtLifting
Starry Night - ArtLifting
Life - ArtLifting
Colored Waves of My Heart - ArtLifting
The Disguise - ArtLifting
Color Expression - ArtLifting