Stacey Williams (she/her/hers)


"The biggest thing is that when someone buys my art, they make a connection. They can look at it, walk by, and see it every single day.”

Stacey Williams, an Air Force Veteran and mother, is a self taught portrait artist who began painting in 2009. Painting began as a form of stress management after a layoff in the midst of a lengthy recession. She came upon art after she spontaneously enrolled in art classes in Harvard Square. She says the work was very elementary at first, just painting on wine bottles and creating shapes.  At first, she thought 'I don't know what I'm doing,' but easily fell into the groove. The last assignment was to create anything she wanted. "I painted a portrait. a black and white portrait. It was from a photography book I had and just struck me. I thought it was beautiful and I wanted to create it with paint." This was when her career as a portrait artist began. 

Battling homelessness and medical issues, Stacey turned to art for refuge. Face after face, her skills have improved & her creativity has soared. The unique tilt she brings to her work, from feathery eyelashes to touches of metallic where you least expect it, is absolutely captivating.  In that course she took, she learned how to wash canvas and was able to keep up with painting with some inexpensive paint, brushes, and canvas board and paper. She reflects that creating art at the beginning was deeply personal. And now, with all the faces she brings to life in her portraiture, she reflects the experiences of others whose stories aren't often told.

Reflecting on the beginning of her art career, Stacey says, "When I first sold a painting, I didn't know what I was doing, but I really really liked it. This woman made a bee-line to my painting. There was no debating. No second guessing... I just want the person to be happy with the piece."

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Prints by Stacey Williams (she/her/hers)

Angela Davis
Stacey Williams
Jill Scott
Stacey Williams
Stacey's Dream
Stacey Williams
Study of 755 by Françoise Nielly
Stacey Williams
Study of Blue Kerchief by Bekat Ash
Stacey Williams
Super Cat
Stacey Williams

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