Seong Chon

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Prints are produced on demand on either acrylic plexi or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States. High quality print reproductions for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Seong Chon

Los Angeles

“I like to paint landscapes. I like art because I have choices to make whatever I want to make.”

Seong Chon, born in South Korea in 1964, came with his family to the United States in 1974. Though he’s far from his birthplace, Seong takes pride in his Korean heritage, and it echoes in his work. In the 1990s, Seong participated in an art program in Venice, CA, creating colored marker artworks utilizing his hands. Seong—who now paints with his feet—aims for perfection and is meticulous in his application of line and color. His appreciation for nature is showcased through vast landscapes and studies of mountains and fields. Additionally, Chon ventures into fantasy genres, teetering back and forth between his imagination and literal depictions of his South Korean heritage. In 2015, Chon’s art was showcased in the Special Olympics Summer Games Art Exhibition and at a solo show at the UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery in Culver City. Chon is scheduled to hold a second show at Washington Reid Gallery in 2016.

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