Rudy Jean-Louis

New York City

“ART HAS NO RULES. Ok... maybe geometrical art has rules...but I create the rules." - Rudolph Jean-Louis

The story of Rudy as an abstract geometric artist began in 2010. Until then, he lived through a series of experiences that altered the course of his life. Around 30 years ago, Rudy served in the Marine Corps during the Gulf War, when during an operation in Guantanamo Bay, he fell ill. He was transported to the naval hospital on Christmas Eve where he discovered both his kidneys failed. He received a transplant from his mother and has been on dialysis for the past few years.

Sitting through dialysis three times a week for hours on end with nothing to do, Rudy began to pass the time by drawing. What started from doodling with sharpies on comic books and cardboard evolved to churning out piece after piece of geometric works. A relief from boredom became a primary purpose and source of happiness. Suddenly, Rudy was an artist who couldn’t stop creating. Out of his home in Brooklyn, he is surrounded by the colorful abstract world of lines he built for himself, living among and around the products of his mind’s eye. 

From seeing something out in the world — a shape, a color, a line — a small detail will catch his eye which he turns into a full vision. Other times, images appear in his mind from staring at the blank piece of wood. He prefers using wood to canvas for its texture and strength. 

There’s no blockage to inspiration. In every process of creation, he adds a geometric flair as forms take shape and color. Without formal training in color theory, he has an intuitive sense which he calls “random happy accidents.” 

Art was first about keeping busy and sane during a very trying and crazy time in his life. He embraces the way his life has led him to new discoveries. After painting for over ten years it’s now about creating pieces of art for people to enjoy and the community and conversation surrounding that experience. He thinks about his pieces as a litmus test of what people perceive. He always wants to know, “What do you see?

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Prints by Rudy Jean-Louis

The Triangle of One
Rudy Jean-Louis
Broken Infinite
Rudy Jean-Louis
The Two Points Made
Rudy Jean-Louis
The Four Points
Rudy Jean-Louis
Broken Spectrum
Rudy Jean-Louis

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