Roger Blais

Roger Blais

Dallas, TX

“I am inspired by my imagination and stimulated by designs in nature."

Roger’s (he/him/his) impressionistic style evokes calmness and positivity in his viewers and himself. Born in New York but now in Dallas, Roger has been greatly influenced by abstract impressionists of the past. His first exposure to the art world was when his mother sent him to oil based painting classes in grade school. This sprouted a love for art that grew and bloomed through the years. Roger attended Pratt Institute where he studied drawing, painting, and art history. He later went to Eastern Europe, visiting Russia, Poland and Lithuania to develop his own signature style.

Roger is driven, in part, by the fulfillment he receives from creation. He aims to make a 3 dimensional design on a 2 dimensional surface, inviting the viewer into his world of natural wonder. The naturescapes he creates are rooted in experience and combined with his imagination to create a realistic but mystical quality to his work. He also relies on his imagination to see where he could improve a piece, often revisiting old projects and adding to them when his creative mind notices somewhere that could be enhanced.

In addition to the fulfillment he receives from tapping into his creative imagination, Roger also benefits from the relaxation that art brings him. As someone who experiences homelessness and poverty, creating art helps Roger to occupy his mind and soothe his restlessness. During hard times, art is therapeutic and helps him endure daily troubles. Additionally, art therapy at The Bridge Homelessness Recovery Center in Dallas helps to provide him with the supplies and space needed to keep creating and building a future for himself as an artist. His therapist, Nancy Sperry, is a great motivator and helps him in continuing to push himself further in his practice.

Roger takes great pride in his projects and feels the continual inspiration to make more to share with the world. He hopes that one day, his art can be in art galleries and he can get the chance to explain his art to intrigued viewers. In regards to ArtLifting, he shares, “I am excited and grateful for this rare opportunity.”

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Ripe Orchard - ArtLifting
Summer Breeze - ArtLifting
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