Preston Vienneau (he/him/his)

Fort Collins, CO

I want people to enjoy art and make them experience feelings like happiness.”  

Preston creates art as a way to express himself, explore his creative outlook, and help his mental health. He feels at peace while painting and thrives on the joy he can see when others view his artwork. He experiences high-functioning autism and defines his artistic style as abstract and expressive.

Preston was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s a graduate of Tennessee College of Applied Technology and currently works as an Administrative Assistant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Treatment Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Preston also volunteers at St. Thomas Hospital and is a member of the Best Buddies of Tennessee Citizens Program.

Preston enjoys using acrylic paint because it dries quickly and he can mix and layer colors to create texture. He will occasionally use a palette knife as a brush to further express himself. Sometimes Preston sees an image in his mind that he paints, other times he paints what he feels. Each work of his has a story to tell. Preston enjoys the process of choosing the canvas, colors, and brushes. After finishing a piece, it’s incredibly rewarding for him to share his work and says, “Being able to bring people joy through my art is a wonderful thing.

Some of Preston’s main artistic inspirations come from nature, music, comic books, sci-fi, and his parents! Preston also describes that his pet guinea pig has inspired him through her “adorable face, noises, and happiness.”

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Prints by Preston Vienneau (he/him/his)

Mason Night
Preston Vienneau
Ocean of Marl
Preston Vienneau
Smelting Grass
Preston Vienneau
Symbiote Tendrils
Preston Vienneau
Untitled Green Brown Blue
Preston Vienneau

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