Dry Riverbed 1

"Nature has somehow always been where I feel most at home. It’s no wonder my art is a mirror of my life and memories. Nature and the journey of Life collide as my inspiration and muse. These 3 pieces reflect the beauty hidden in the dry river beds of the Southwest. My intention was to incorporate multi-media with sustainable materials: jute, water-based paint, soil erosion netting, rocks from the Phoenix scape and non-toxic mediums. From Sedona to Santa Fe to Phoenix, I have loved the Desert. Minimalism, hidden mysteries of history and a palette straight from the landscape. Touched by the rich earth and neutral vastness I was inspired to find a matte paint in colors from the desert and my many hiking memories along these riverbeds. Georgia O’Keefe was an early influence in my art journey. Her biographies and art influenced my way of seeing the desert. Ms. O’Keefe was a self-proclaimed river bed wanderer. My new home is now Phoenix where it is calm with rugged beauty all around. Textile, fabric and other media were used to reflect the beauty and visualize my abstract representation. As a child living in NE Maine (yes, very cold), I spent hours sitting among large granite boulders while surrounded by pastures full of free-roaming dairy cows. Pure bliss. My siblings and I were always looking for treasures in small creeks. The dry river beds of Arizona remind of that fun and the excitement of discovery. A beautiful stone, arrowheads, or other treasures. This Series is a tribute to my new home, Arizona and to childhood adventures found once again."

- Barbara Barnett

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