Naomi Rosen

Naomi Rosen

Copperas Cove, TX

"The best medicine for me is the painting... Purpose is the key"

Naomi's (she/her/hers) journey as a contemporary artist has guided her to many places. She spent six of her younger years in both an American as well as an Israeli agricultural school. She also lived and worked in various kibbutzim. She later pursued a conventional and unconventional education.

Naomi's travels took her to Italy and England where she worked as an apprentice in clay, learning many old and new pottery techniques. She attended the School of Visual Arts and Bowie State University in America.

Over the years, Naomi has worked across many mediums -- gouache, black and white ink, and freehand board cuts. She also worked as a graphic artist and production coordinator in the corporate world before computers.

Originally from New York, Naomi is the first born Jewish American from a family who survived the brutality of the Holocaust. She has lived in Maryland, Florida and New Mexico before settling in Texas with her beloved husband Bob. 

Prior to the new series of large abstract paintings, Naomi spent four years creating a series called "Resilience and Dignity" a group of detailed collage and acrylic portraits. The new abstracts have opened a door to free form movement which lifts a burden of overthinking. For Naomi, abstract painting releases suppression through its infinite possibilities.

The long ago diagnosis of manic depression and later onset of seizures comes with many preconceived assumptions by many, with painful repercussions. There can be difficult conflicts in navigating uncontrollable emotions which is a battle more often soothed through the creative process. 

Over time, Naomi has balanced and learned many ways to guide her. Her concern is to always try and protect others should she lose that balance. Now, as a widow, Naomi is sure that in order to prevent a destructive wrong turn is to wake up to paintbrush and canvas. 

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