Nancy Arteaga

Nancy Arteaga

San Jose, CA

"Finding a community is so important to me, to know other artists in a similar situation as me and share my life story through art."

Cuban native Nancy Arteaga (she/her/hers) has created art throughout her life to sustain herself and her family. While living in Cuba, Nancy and her children would create art to put food on their table; having immigrated to America she now creates art as an outlet for the anxiety and depression that is present in her daily life. Immigrating to America has presented her with a deep longing for home, “leaving Cuba at a mature age was very difficult and heartbreaking. I have missed the rich culture and lively days of the land I grew up in.”

Nancy’s paintings channel her longing for the culture that she has left behind. The colors, the movement, and the subjects that are present in her paintings are a way to connect with what she left in Cuba. There is an emotional energy that is present in Nancy’s work that is expressed through the vibrancy of the colors she chooses. Her paintings are a way to communicate what words cannot - “Through my paintings I could express emotions that I could not express another way with worlds.” Nancy elaborates on her personal connection to art, “I have painted my sorrows, my joys. My brushes have become me and I have become them.”

Despite all of the challenges that Nancy has faced, her desire to help those around her has never wavered. Nancy spends her time volunteering, creating art and using what resources she has to send medicine, clothing and toys to those in need in Cuba, “My biggest aspiration is to help others in need through my art.” Nancy is a true artist, enjoying the process of creating as much as the product. “I truly enjoy mixing the colors and creating textures, it gives me so much pleasure to see how it all comes together at the end.”

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