Luisa Pulido

Miami, FL

Life itself is a fountain of inspiration and ideas. As I prepare to start on a new piece, my imagination gets a powerful spark and my studio fill with this unbelievable excitement which makes each work mystical and magical, yet fulfills me with total freedom.” 

A commitment to creative self-expression is a defining aspect of Miami-based artist Luisa Pulido. Having been born into a family of artists, her father was a graphic designer and her two uncles were both sculptors, Luisa’s creative side was always encouraged and supported. Creating artwork has played a pivotal role in Luisa’s life, who is living with Asperger’s, which has impacted her social interactions. Luisa has spent a lot of time alone, painting has always been there for introspection, self-expression and a means to connect with others. 

Luisa traveled a great deal when she was younger and her family would always visit the local art museums. The first time she was able to see an original painting by Van Gogh, who has continued to inspire her, Luisa recalls “I just felt attracted to the way he painted. The colors and movement in his brushstrokes were so alive.” Luisa’s paintings are marked by two distinct styles, the first is solely focused on process. “I am focused on just how I’m painting, rather than what it is.” Luisa continues “I enjoy this because I am not worried about what I’m going to paint and can really get into the technique of how it looks.” Her other painting style begins with big, bold shapes and colors and evolves from there.

One of Luisa’s dreams is to have her own studio that is large enough for her to paint multiple large canvases’ at once. She would also like to continue her family’s creative path and learn to create metal sculptures. She is hopeful that her participation with ArtLifting will help her achieve her dream. 

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Prints by Luisa Pulido

Luisa Pulido
Luisa Pulido
Luisa Pulido
Struggle in the Dark
Luisa Pulido

ArtLifting empowers artists impacted by homelessness or disabilities through the celebration and sale of their artwork. Learn more here.