Kevin Hosseini

Kevin Hosseini

El Cajon, CA

It makes me feel good about myself to paint. I like having that as one of my jobs to make money.” 

Internationally exhibited painter Kevin Hosseini has been creating art for over a decade. Kevin has lived most of his life in Southern California and currently lives in El Cajon near San Diego. His art is largely inspired by travel and diverse cultural influences. He describes: “I like to paint different countries and things I like such as mariachi music. I love the Middle East too.” Many of his paintings are inspired by  places he has visited or one day hopes to. 

Kevin was introduced to art through an autism behaviorist who had a degree in art from Rhode Island Institute of Design. Kevin reflects that he often utilizes art to help process the difficult times. Through this connection, the symbols that emerge in his art are often autobiographical: “I've painted about things happening in my life. I have painted police cars and police officers when I was having trouble. I have painted pictures of my family and other things that are important to me like music and the middle east.” 

Kevin has developed and honed his visual style which has brought him a great amount of success as an artist. Kevin’s style is marked by painterly brush strokes which play with large areas of solid color. He loves to use rich vibrant colors to create depth and feeling. Some of Kevin’s greatest accomplishments as an artist are having his paintings displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in Kiev, Ukraine, The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, The Smithsonian S. Dillon Ripley Center in Washington D.C. and recently at The California Museum. He is an active artist with the nonprofit The Art of Autism.

Going to Paris - ArtLifting
Cyclist - ArtLifting
Fire Sky - ArtLifting
Mexico City - ArtLifting
Segora Palms - ArtLifting
Purple and Red Sky - ArtLifting
Painted Mountain - ArtLifting
Hot Colored Abstract - ArtLifting
Cityscape II - ArtLifting
Cityscape I - ArtLifting
Quiet City - ArtLifting
New Delhi - ArtLifting
New York City - ArtLifting
Mexico City: Pastels - ArtLifting
Tokyo 2 - ArtLifting
Sun - ArtLifting
Purple and Red Sky - ArtLifting
Hot Colored Abstract - ArtLifting