Julia Pozsgai (she/her/hers)

Sonoma, CA

“Nature, science, and stars in the sky, and happy moments of being alive, inspire me. I read encyclopedias, astronomy books, and science magazines to find inspiration for my art images. Then I draw my own version with colors and new shapes from my imagination.”

Julia Pozsgai uses art as a way to share without using words. She enjoys doing detail work, using her hands, and experimenting with color combinations. Julia crafts her paintings, stitching, and jewelry with minute detail. She chooses colors she connects with in the moment, and is quick to make decisions about the composition and titles.

Julia is inspired by birds, the night sky, stars, planets, nature, and science. Her favorite mediums are acrylic, metallic and tempera paints. Her creations pour out of her in a free, daring, and authentic manner. She creates art because it connects her to the world, releases her imagination, and brings her joy. Art is a core part of who she is. Julia lives with autism and finds it challenging at times to communicate with words, so the expression available in creating art is invaluable to her.

Julia has worked with the organization Alchemia to build her art skills, and Casa Allegra Community Services, which has helped her to establish a personal art business. She has turned her challenges into a successful business to further her art education and overcome the stigma of disability. She is thrilled to be an artist with ArtLifting. She says, "Every moment of life is light and dark of the miracle dream. Wishes and dreams can come true."

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Prints by Julia Pozsgai (she/her/hers)

Bird on Branch
Julia Pozsgai
Owlet Leaf
Julia Pozsgai

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