Jordyn Hendricks

Jordyn Hendricks

Phoenix, AZ

“I make art as a release for my social anxiety. I’ve always felt like more of a maverick than others, I feel a sense of purpose while I’m painting. I love the stress relief painting provides and I love thinking creatively, outside the box and being colorful.”

Jordyn Hendricks approaches her art in an intuitive and an unconventional manner, seeking to express feelings through her creations. She says, “my art is very abstract and lively, I want people to feel something."

In her 20s, Jordyn picked up and moved to San Francisco during a period marked by depression. She began to paint, picking up materials and lost items at Goodwill to incorporate. From her early days when she "just went for it," she has grown more comfortable in her intuition. "It's all intuitive," she says. Whether she's using palette knives and brushes or cups, she loves color and the abstract particularly in the free flow of acrylic fluid painting. 

Jordyn lives with ADHD and depression and has navigated these experiences with and through painting. She describes that having others like her artwork “provides a sense of purpose. "It means the world to me. Thank you in advance to anyone appreciating my work. I put my soul in every piece.”

Jordyn is originally from Washington state but moved to the Bay Area looking for a fresh start. She met her husband Drew in San Francisco and moved to Kansas for a year. She Has two beautiful children named Asher Pax and Kase Maverick. They now reside in Phoenix Arizona.

Acid Rain - ArtLifting
And All the Stars Aligned - ArtLifting
Aphrodite - ArtLifting
Aphrodite - ArtLifting
Barbie's Dream House - ArtLifting
Blue Moose - ArtLifting
Bohemian Style - ArtLifting
Cheap as Chips - ArtLifting
Color Me Happy - ArtLifting
Cosmic Dreams - ArtLifting
Cotton Candy Clouds - ArtLifting
Dog Prints - ArtLifting
Imagine Inspire and Create - ArtLifting
Indie Pop - ArtLifting
Juni - ArtLifting
Kiss me, I'm an Artist - ArtLifting
Look What You Made Me Do - ArtLifting
Lovely Tuesday - ArtLifting
Magic Madness Heaven Sin - ArtLifting
Magical Mermaid - ArtLifting
Mermaids are Real - ArtLifting
Nothing is Impossible - ArtLifting
Ocean Breeze - ArtLifting
Ocean Fish - ArtLifting
Ocean Island - ArtLifting
Pink Bomb - ArtLifting
Rainforest - ArtLifting
She Is Everything. He's Just Ken! - ArtLifting
She's Hiccuping Stars - ArtLifting
The Rainbow Connection - ArtLifting
Trees and Squirrels - ArtLifting
Under the Sea - ArtLifting
Whimsical Sunset - ArtLifting
Wishful Dreaming - ArtLifting
You Are My Sunshine - ArtLifting