John Russo (he/him/his)

Key West, FL


“Russ,” as he likes to be called, has been able to maintain a sense of inner calm and a positive outlook by keeping himself focused on art, which he is most passionate about, rather than on the uncertainty that accompanies homelessness.

After losing much of his photographic work to fire and theft, Russ has recreated many images through hand-painted, acrylic reproductions with a stunningly vibrant array of colors. Russ says, "The focal point of nearly every piece I create is a sunrise—to me, a symbol of a new day and a message of hope to sufferers of mental illness."

Russ' innate creativity and ability to lose himself in his work have always been powerful tools for his recovery. Drawing and painting offer him the ability to take the focus off of his symptoms so he can concentrate on getting better.

Art has become his primary form of therapy and, according to Russ, has provided more powerful healing than anything modern medicine has to offer.

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Prints by John Russo (he/him/his)

Color Forest
John Russo
Lonely Tree
John Russo
John Russo
Strand of Birch
John Russo

Originals by John Russo (he/him/his)

On the Verge
John Russo


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