Jeffrey Mayo

Jeffrey Mayo

Seattle, WA

“Being part of ArtLifting, I feel I have come full circle. Art has been a positive focus for me. It is a way I can communicate with others. My art does not project me as someone with mental illness or homelessness, but as a person who wants to share joy and beauty with others. 

Jeffrey Mayo is a visual artist, performer, and musician. He is also known in his artistic circles as “Cheetah,” which he often uses as the signature on his artwork. Jeffrey draws inspiration from within himself. He creates his art rhythmically through drums and hand percussions as he uses oil and chalk pastels.  

After experiencing homelessness and living in his Jeep for 5 years, in November 2018 he moved to transitional housing in North Seattle. He worked at the front desk 15 hours a week and the money he earned went directly into savings. The savings, along with move-in assistance from Aloha Inn, helped him secure a subsidized apartment in a Seattle Housing Authority building.  He was able to move into the building during the month of May in 2019.  Jeffrey is very happy to have his own apartment where he can create his art. He continues to receive support when he visits Ballard NW Senior Center. 

Jeffrey's artwork shows thematic elements that reflect his interest in architecture, music, and cycles of nature, as well as his life experiences. He was born in Seattle, where he currently resides but spent many of his formative years in San Francisco. He describes “My art began as a hobby. It grew into a way of life. When I was in Mission High School, San Francisco, my teacher entered one of my paintings in the 'Plant a Tree Week' art contest. My painting was of a hand holding a ball of soil with a young tree growing out of it. I won the contest and had my painting shown at the DeYoung Museum. Today, for me, the soil symbolizes my former circumstance of being homeless.”

"I understand how art can bring joy, peace, and inspiration to others, and I hope to be able to share this feeling with more people through my art.”

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