Harry Shields

Harry Shields

Atkinson, NH

I love making people smile. They usually do that when they see my artwork.

Autism makes it challenging for Harry (he/him/his) to keep up with conversations and the quick pace of everyday life.  Learning a new skill can take longer for Harry, and often others lack the patience to give him an opportunity to succeed. This can be very frustrating and defeating, but Harry shares,  “I never give up. Sometimes it’s hard, but that’s what I do.” When Harry is creating art, he has a space to work on his own terms. Painting gives Harry a place to feel calm, relaxed and happy. “When I’m painting it’s just happening and I don’t have to think really hard or pay attention to anything.”

After seeing an artist paint in person, Harry was inspired to engage with his own creative side. After one session with a local artist, he enrolled in art classes and has now been painting for years. Harry paints what makes him happy. Initially focusing on animals, he has evolved into painting subjects he’s connected to. “Usually I paint something that reminds me of a good memory.” Harry comments.

Through his participation with ArtLifting, Harry hopes to earn income to live independently and to support his other passion, animal rights. Harry has earned his Veterinary Assistant Certificate and hopes to someday travel to Thailand to work with the elephants there. When thinking about ArtLifting, Harry shares, “I like how ArtLifting will give me the chance to make so many people happy.”  

Buoys - ArtLifting
On the Plain - ArtLifting
On the Porch - ArtLifting
Waiting - ArtLifting
Doorway - ArtLifting
Pumpkin Patch - ArtLifting
Dorries at Rest - ArtLifting
Valley Road - ArtLifting
Motif 1 - ArtLifting
Snow Road - ArtLifting
On the River - ArtLifting
Window Boxes - ArtLifting
Winter Boat - ArtLifting
Barn - ArtLifting