Elizabeth D'Angelo (she/her/hers)

Orlando, FL


"What I know to be most true, when sitting to work, is that my purpose and yours are vitally important. You and I may live worlds apart, we may have completely different routines and patterns, but the joy that comes from opening up to play is the same. This is where we master our vision.”

Elizabeth D’Angelo was a professional artist and art teacher before becoming severely ill with ME/CFS and severe craniocervical instability.  Since then, she has turned to painting to find peace and joy. Reflecting on painting, she says, “I disappear into it. It frees me to simply be.

Elizabeth’s paintings are an expression of her desire for joy, freedom, and play - things that are difficult to come by as an ill, homebound individual. She begins with a simple intent to play with paint. Elizabeth describes, “Decisions are made spur of the moment - stream of consciousness style, as I refuse to confine myself in the one area where I can find freedom, which is through my art.” She continues to describe her process, expressing, “I usually lay down a ground color, texture or pattern and then I continue to solve the visual puzzles that appear in front of me, like flashes of insight, until I feel that I have a completed painting in front of me.

Everything that Elizabeth does is with wellness in mind. Prior to falling ill, Elizabeth felt privileged to do what she loved for a living. However, as her health began to deteriorate, she found herself unable to produce art for several years. She hopes to return to full health eventually so that she can share her art, inspire others through her creativity and story of healing, and help people living with severe illnesses connect to resources in their community.


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Prints by Elizabeth D'Angelo (she/her/hers)

Aspire to Inspire
Elizabeth DAngelo
Deer Connection
Elizabeth Dangelo
Emerald Wisdom
Elizabeth Dangelo
Fibonacci's Dream
Elizabeth Dangelo
Friendly Observer
Elizabeth DAngelo

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