Daniel Arroyo (he/him/his)

Santa Clara, CA

“Art makes me appreciate peace and quiet and that allows me to be creative”

For Santa Clara-based artist Daniel Arroyo, art has been an important way for him to get to know himself and understand his emotions: “Art is the thing that makes me feel emotions that I don’t feel in any other way. It allows me to be creative and show my thoughts in a way other than words.”

Daniel has been drawing and painting since he was eight years old. As a young artist, he began drawing favorite characters from TV shows and video games, which evolved into creating drawings and paintings from photos and imagination. Daniel mainly works with oil paints. His favorite part of painting is the process of adding one brush stroke after another, giving an impression of movement to the finished work. Daniel enjoys painting ocean scenes and is inspired by natural beauty, the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Renaissance artists, and Bob Ross.

Daniel participates in the Independent Living Skills and Computer Education programs at Abilities United in Palo Alto, CA. He also takes classes at both De Anza College and Art Hub Academy. 

Daniel believes his work is important in showing how people with disabilities can overcome challenges and be successful in whatever path they choose. Daniel is focusing on building his career as an artist and participates in exhibitions with Abilities United. He is thrilled about the professional opportunities of working with a company like ArtLifting and the chance to share his artwork with the world, “It's important for me to have my own career and artwork is a way to do that!"

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Prints by Daniel Arroyo (he/him/his)

Sea Shell
Daniel Arroyo
Three Apples
Daniel Arroyo
Whale Tale
Daniel Arroyo

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