Billy Megargel

Billy Megargel

Boston, MA

William "Billy" Megargel (he/him/his) lives with autism and uses the power of his artistic expression to communicate, rather than words. Passionate and laser-focused, Billy turns the ordinary into the extraordinary with an arsenal of tools ranging from artists brushes, ball tip whisks, paint rollers, bamboo salad utensils, and bubble wrap. His expressive, modern paintings command attention with their physical and emotional power.

Billy rakes, flicks, rolls and throws paint onto canvases, resulting in works that are striking combustions of color, texture, and physical virtuosity. A rubber spatula, an XO Easy Grip turkey baster and a dish rag: all ordinary kitchen tools, but in Billy’s hands they are his ply and trade as he creates a lively and intricate network of colors.

For years, Billy has endured acute episodic pain. For some individuals on the autism spectrum, the social world is complex and physically grueling. Suffering is a part of Billy’s life. But Billy's pain does not define who he is or will become. Anyone who knows Billy and witnesses his passion for colors and music is moved by his expression of beauty in the midst of intractable obstacles. Billy relishes all of life’s sensations. It is his gift to humanity.

 Today Billy is an independent communicator, artist, and devout yogi.  His works are on display in both corporate and private settings.  Billy has permanent installations at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Lurie Center for Autism in Lexington, MA.   

For more information, please visit the following websites;


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