Ann DesRoches

Ann DesRoches

Homosassa, FL

The arts make the world go round. Where would we be without creativity, color and expression?

Ann DesRoches (she/her/hers), a long-time resident of Cape Cod Massachusetts, known locally as the "Cape Cod Colorful Artist", has recently moved to find new inspiration on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She received a fine arts degree at Greenfield Community College and furthered her studies at Massachusetts College Of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1989, she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm just before she her wedding. Undaunted by these events, she married and built a family. She has three children, two of which are on the Autism Spectrum.  

The process of working to regain her artistic skills and adapt her artistic style in addition to raising two children on the autism spectrum alone gave Ann a unique perspective on living with a disability. This experience deeply affected her understanding of the art process. Ann enjoys utilizing her creative skills to paint landscapes and flowers from her sea side home. She also created a series of artwork work reflecting the experiences of her sons living with autism. 

Ann's work has been in numerous galleries and shows throughout Cape Cod. Her art is in private collections nationally and internationally. She is a true believer in the more spiritual and meditative aspects of art and works to use her talents to share more beauty with the world. She hopes that part of sharing her artwork and story will “inspire others to overcome their obstacles, make them feel good about themselves and realize the potential inside of each of us.”



Dancing Poppies - ArtLifting
Mill Creek - ArtLifting
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Hudson Beach - ArtLifting
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