Alex Scott

Chicago, IL

“I draw advocacy.”

Alex Scott (he/him/his) makes art to be seen. Being an artist is a large part of his identity; he writes, “I feel and express, and I am happy because I make it so everyone can see that I made art.” Alex remembers being introduced to art in preschool and making collages. His artistic voice is identified through strong line work, simple shapes, and flat colors for his compositions. He works as a full-time artist at The Arts of Life, an organization that provides artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities a collective space to expand their practice and strengthen their leadership.

Alex was born in Chicago and currently lives in Esperanza’s Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA). Alex is very close with his brothers and gets inspired by the characters they watch on TV and learn about in books, playfully imagining these personas in his own works. Alex’s collection recalls childrens’ illustrations, powerful representations that appeal to our inner child, evoking animated stories of characters and expressions. 

Art is the language Alex uses to connect with others and be active in his community. He states, “When I look at my pictures, and when other people look at my pictures, that is what I’m inspired by.” Alex goes on to say, “I’m inspired to help others. The studio inspires me about doing artwork and drawing. I love making art.”

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Prints by Alex Scott

Two Chickens
Alex Scott
Alex Scott
Samuel the Shrew
Alex Scott

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