Adrian Chrissos

Gaithersburg, Maryland

“I think I have used my Art as an avenue to open up all the boxes and compartments in my head---things that are so personal, things that I carry around with me locked inside daily life. I think most people struggle with similar issues where they find themselves feeling judged or struggle with acceptance. In viewing my art I hope people will take the time to really see me.”  

Adrian Chrissos is an artist based out of the Washington D.C. area who began creating art in middle school. He has found that creating has helped manage his illness, “I started painting to really connect with myself and let out experiences and emotions that I couldn’t form into words” Adrian explains.

Working in an abstract painterly style, Adrian has two distinct styles of expression. Inside A Cork is composed of strong painterly brush strokes that segment the composition into distinct sections. Thick layered paint creates a depth to Adrian’s work that pulls the viewer into a contemplative state. In We Find Another, Adrian creates with watered down acrylic paints. This process creates a fluid composition that has a similar segmented style as Inside A Cork but the feeling created is less structured and more dreamlike.

Helping and being of service to others is extremely important to Adrian. “I want to help those who have struggled and those that understand similar challenges facing illness and adversity.”


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