A Sneak Peek December 3, 2015 09:18

With the holiday season approaching we are all hoping to get a sneak peek of the wonderful gifts our friends and family are purchasing, or the wonderful food and desserts they will be preparing on the special day. Humans are impatient creatures and here at ArtLifting I definitely understand that, so I thought I would throw a holiday treat your way and give you a sneak peek of one of our new artists joining the ArtLifting family before we announce it officially!

David Trujillo was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The landscape and fabric of New Mexico life has greatly affected his art, a craft he has been involved with for most of his life. David first got into art in highschool and has lately reconnected with his talents through a community art program at the Santa Fe Club House. The Santa Fe Club House offers outpatient treatment programs, community, and work opportunities for adults with mental illness.   

David was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child and has worked to navigate a sense of his recovery for many years. “Art”, he says, “helps me to be in contact with myself, through therapy, working on being in check with my emotions, yoga, meditation and cooking for the clubhouse all have made my struggle better.” David’s art reveals a stark use of color, and vibrant landscapes, half reality and half dream sequence, they are open and accessible to all audiences. The quality of his paintings allow viewers to imagine and interpret freely while also connecting with David’s personal view of his home and his story. His viewpoint and creativity dazzles viewers while still being soft enough to welcome their gaze for an extended period of time, somehow achieving both a calming and stimulating effect.


Pojoaque Cliffs by David Trujillo

David has a degree in computer data base management and in the past worked as an environmental scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency. He has earned a certification as a Peer Support Worker and become an advocate and support for adults experiencing mental illness. David enjoys giving back to the community whenever he can and helps lead writing and beading groups at the Clubhouse community center. Art has been a major influence on David’s recovery process. David explains, “recovery is a major part of me; however good, bad or ugly, I have to pick myself up. Keeping that idea alive in my daily life, it gives me a little hope for the day. Recovery is everyday.”

ArtLifting is so excited to be welcoming David and many other new artists to the family. Be on the lookout for David’s new art on our site! We hope you all will enjoy David’s work and be inspired by his story of strength and creativity. Please keep updated with ArtLifting news by joining our email list and following us on social media @artlifting.