3 Foolproof Ways to Warm Your Home & Heart this Fall October 1, 2014 17:43

Fall is the season of colorful leaves, spicy scents, cable knit sweaters, and a crisp chill in the air. This Fall, give into your urge to get cozy. Make a cup of tea, light some candles, grab a good book, and curl up with your favorite blanket. Check out the following 3 tips to add some extra-special elements to your Autumn. 

1) Get Crafty with Seasonal Projects:

From Butternut Squash Vases to Orange and Clove Pomanders to Walnut Beeswax Candles, give your house some homemade touches.

2) Give Back to the Community:

Help a homeless or disabled individual by purchasing their artwork from ArtLifting.com. Keep up the autumnal flavor with Katie Hickey-Schultz's 'Fairy Woodland', show off your appreciation for detail with Michal Baksh's "Children Under the Poui Tree," or melt into the warm colors of June Yan's "Abstract 27." With every purchase of an ArtLifting artwork, the majority of the profits goes directly back to the artist. 

3) Entertain in Autumnal Style:

Separate the wheat from the chaff and invite your closest friends over for a Harvest-Inspired Dinner Party. It is decorative gourd season, after all, so get creative with a Wooden Stump and Gourd Centerpiece. Adorable Acorn Placecards add just the right amount of whimsy.