Introducing: ArtLifting Ambassadors! October 19, 2015 14:54

Since our start in December of 2013, ArtLifting has grown rapidly to become a nationally recognized social enterprise. We have grown from empowering 4 artists in just Boston proper, to 50 artists in 8 cities across the nation. 

empower map


Not only that, but 5 ArtLifting artists gained housing within our first year! 

By earning an income instead of receiving a handout, our artists feel empowered and confident. That confidence has a domino effect on every aspect of their lives. Artists have the energy and drive to apply for housing, seek out employment, and get out of bed each morning. It creates hope. 

We are humbled by the impact that customers have created for our artists, and we are thrilled to continue to grow and empower more individuals across the country.We often receive emails from people who love the concept of ArtLifting, are passionate about our mission, and are willing to help... but unfortunately we had no way for these individuals to get involved until now. 

ArtLifting has just recently initiated our ArtLifting Ambassador program as a way to spread our mission and further grow our impact. ArtLifting Ambassadors are the mouthpieces for ArtLifting within their networks. They do everything from raising awareness via word of mouth and social media, to hosting events on college campuses and in communities. All of our ArtLifting Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about our mission and building our community. Since much of Ambassadors' work is online, volunteers can participate from all corners of the country (or globe!).

Our Ambassadors will have the opportunity to work with a close-knit team of people to make a large impact on the growth of ArtLifting as a whole.If you are a social influencer in your community and interested in joining a truly special community of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, please contact us at We'd love to help you get involved!