Artists Make Global Statement at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston May 16, 2016 19:26 2 Comments

We’re excited to announce that four of ArtLifting’s artists will be featured guests at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston this Memorial Day!

As part of its annual free Open House, the MFA is hosting a series of spotlight talks with Kitty Zen, Elizabeth Belstraz, Allen Chamberland, and Lori-Anne Fay. The artists will share speeches and commissioned artwork in response to the current Megacities: Asia exhibit. Having faced adversity in one of America’s oldest cities, this ArtLifting quartet are more than ready to share their unique perspectives with the world.

For ArtLifting’s artists, the opportunity to present commissioned artwork at the MFA—to one of the year’s largest crowds, in response to an internationally inspired exhibit—is nothing short of a dream come true and an astounding opportunity.

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Admission to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is FREE on Memorial Day, May 30th