Art with impact

We champion artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity.

Image: Rudolph Jean-Louis with his prints at a Bank Of America financial center.
ArtLifting local artist Rudolph Jean-Lous stands in front of his artwork at a Bank of America financial center in New York.

Make your values visible

We partner with businesses to design inclusive environments and create economic opportunities for artists with disabilities.

Building Financial resilience

Our clients create jobs and inspire their communities.

Creating economic opportunity

Artists earn 55% of profits from art sales and royalties.

Reducing Stigma & Stereotypes

Art strategies support a culture of belonging.

Image: ArtLifting plaques displayed with Blue Lagoon by Yvette.
Two plaques next to a framed abstract artwork on an office wall. One plaque tell the story of Veteran artist Yvette. A larger plaque has images of multiple artists and the words "Art & Impact" above a partnership statement and the ArtLifting and Google logo.

Meaningful Corporate Art

Art with a story

Every artwork includes a plaque detailing the artist's story, celebrating their diverse lived experiences and remarkable talents.

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Why Partner with ArtLifting?

Drive social change with art

We connect 450+ clients with talented artists who are often excluded from the corporate art market.

These artists earn income and build confidence, increasing their independence and self-worth. ArtLifting art strategies support DEIA, ESG, and social impact initiatives.

Easy & Scalable

Ethical & Professional

Authentic Storytelling

Quality Artwork

Local Artists

Real World Impacts

Bain Capital HQ
financial services global partnerships workplace

Bain Capital HQ

Bitsight Boston Offices
tech workplace

Bitsight Boston Offices

Google Cambridge
tech workplace

Google Cambridge

Waterford Bluffs
multifamily real estate

Waterford Bluffs

Waterford Bay
multifamily real estate

Waterford Bay

Bain Capital NYC Offices
financial services global partnerships workplace

Bain Capital NYC Offices

PayPal HQ
tech workplace

PayPal HQ

Rapid7 HQ
global partnerships tech workplace

Rapid7 HQ

Sereno Group Los Altos Offices
real estate workplace

Sereno Group Los Altos Offices

Original Artwork

Unparalleled originality

Artists create one-of-a-kind works drawing from their lived experience and journeys.

Image: Eric Santamaria drawing with his adaptive wheelchair for the Pottery Barn catalog.
ArtLifting artist Eric Santamaria from Los Angeles, is seated in his adaptive wheelchair with black markers attached to the back wheels. Eric is using his adaptive chair to make marks with black ink on a canvas laying on the floor. Photo courtesy Pottery Barn,

Rental rotations

Turnkey art programs

Celebrate cultural moments and your unique community with art.

Image: Three prints by Elizabeth Gauss in a conference room.
Three framed canvas prints by Elizabeth Gauss hang on a white wall in a conference room in a Zelis office in New Jersey. The triptych of artwork is abstract, looks sophisticated and abstract with blue, black, tan, and yellow elements. elements.

Enterprise Solutions

Scalable social impact

Build a culture of inclusion and belonging across your portfolio.

Image: Print by Rick Ruark hangs in Bitsight Boston Offices.
A huge artwork by Rick Ruark depicting a modern urban scene hangs on a white wall in an office common area with grey chairs, a leather couch, a stainless steel refridgerator, hanging plants, and a signed basketball displays on a side table.

Art for any environment

Transformative art anywhere

Connect and inspire your teams and audiences with inclusive art strategies.

Image: Artwork by Mia Brown as a wallcovering for a tech client.
An abstract blue, white, and green painting by Mia Brown is reproduced as a wallcovering installed above a long bench in a cafe area in a tech office.

Engage & Inspire

Connected experiences

Equitably foster community and spark creativity with virtual backgrounds, corporate gifts, and art licensing.

Image: A laptop screen showing a virtual call where participants have art as their background.
A laptop screen showing a virtual call where participants have art as their background.

Art Beyond Barriers

Innovative art, authentic connections

We represent over 190 talented artists in 35 states, and counting. Every artist has a unique style and story to share.

Image: A map of the United States overlaid with
Ephemeral Vision by Peter Perrino, surrounded by artist headshots.
Meet Artists
A map of the United States skinned with Ephemeral Vision by Peter Perrino, surrounded by artist headshots
Mia Brown

Mia has cerebral palsy and creates abstract art with a brush mounted to a helmet she calls her "magic wand."

Meet Mia
Barbara Barnett

As a US Veteran with PTSD, Barbara shares her healing journey and passion for women's rights in her art.

Meet Barbara
Scott Benner

One of the first ArtLifting artists, Scott now has stable housing and finds inspiration in his meticulous designs.

Meet Scott
Lindsey Holcomb

After being diagnosed with MS, Lindsey began using her MRI scans in her heritage-inspired art practice.

Meet Lindsey

Business for good

Beautiful measurable impacts

Inclusive art strategies support social impact reporting, ESG, and DEIA initiatives.

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Watch our short film

Meet artists Lisa Murphy and Scott Benner, hear from ArtLifting clients, and learn about our work and story with CEO and co-founder Liz Powers.

Image: Stills from the We Are ArtLifting short film.

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Licensing & Corporate Gifting

Think outside the frame

Bring your impact to life with custom corporate gifts, swag, digital activations, and art licensing.

Image: Custom ArtLifting notebooks by various artists.
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Custom ArtLifting notebooks by various artists.

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