The Dragon Lady

"The year of 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon. It is believed that the Dragon represents strength, great leadership and independent thinkers who live to gather knowledge/wisdom. Wood is the element of Yang. It is the energy of spring, reaching toward the light while deepening roots into the soil. This piece was meant to inspire viewers to reach for the sky and set goals a while passions are deeply rooted with expertise and mastery. There are 9 Xuan Kong flying stars that affect the feng shui of the world. Each of them lords over us for two decades before passing the torch to the next star. 2024 marks the beginning of the 9th star which represents the strength feminine energy and female power. "The Dragon Lady" is an earthly, nature inspired piece which features both deep and light earth tones, peach tones and greens, symbolizing growth and abundance."

- Aimee Hofmann

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