Naomi Roxanne Brown

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Naomi Roxanne Brown (she/her/hers)



Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, Naomi Brown saw many beautiful sunsets that now serve as happy memories and as inspiration behind her artwork. In creating her paintings, Naomi shares, “I'm trying to recapture those beautiful colors that took my breath away.”

Art makes Naomi feel clear, focused, and productive. When asked why she wants to sell her art, Naomi says, “[art] makes me feel like I’m adding beauty to the world. I get so engrossed in it. Through my art, I want to help beautify someone else’s space. to add color to someone else’s life.”

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Prints by Naomi Roxanne Brown (she/her/hers)

Originals by Naomi Roxanne Brown (she/her/hers)

Naomi Roxanne Brown
Naomi Roxanne Brown

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