• Wallcovering Licensing

Looking to make a big statement in your space?

Large-scale wallcoverings create “wow” moments in spaces. They can be bold and attention-getting or invoke curiosity through perceived texture and depth and the exploration of larger concepts.

Due to our unique population of artists, ArtLifting does not offer on-site hand-painted murals. Therefore, wallcoverings are an ideal alternative to meet your design needs while making the dreams of our artists come true.

How does this work?

ArtLifting licenses you the artwork for the purpose to produce as a wallcovering. Once the artwork(s) are selected and the design files are prepared, ArtLifting will provide you, your designer, or graphics printer a high resolution of the image for you to print and install.

Client and Artist Spotlight

ArtLifting partnered with Rapid7 in Boston to transform the papercut artwork of artist Allen Chamberland into a large scale wallcovering in their space.

Partnership with Area Environments

ArtLifting also offers wallcoverings through a partnership with Area Environments.

Please view this exclusive collection here.

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