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Virtual Art Workshops

Are you looking for creative opportunities to connect your team virtually? ArtLifting is offering 45 minute art workshops to inspire teams with stories of resilience, provide a creative outlet to boost mood and productivity, and connect with each other and the community.

All Virtual Art Workshops benefit ArtLifting’s Artist Relief Fund to help those most seriously impacted by COVID-19. 56% of your contribution goes directly to ArtLifting Artists, and 44% goes to support ArtLifting.

Sample Session | Geometric Drawing

CREATE: Geometric Drawing
DISCUSS: Takeaways

Scott Benner will share his story of going from homelessness to housing by selling his artwork. With inspiration from Scott and facilitation from the ArtLifting team, employees and their families will learn how Scott creates his geometric masterpieces and we’ll each spend time drawing our own! We’ll look forward to hearing takeaways from anyone who wants to share!

Artist Spotlight

SCOTT BENNER has worked with ArtLifting from homelessness to housing. After a series of events left him without a home and without a job, Scott found solace in his art and saw that others were also touched by his work. Since joining ArtLifting, Scott has been featured on the cover of the New York Times business section, and had a solo exhibition of his work at Google.

Virtual Backgrounds

Bring joy to employees and foster inclusivity with ArtLifting Virtual Art Backgrounds. Virtual backgrounds provide a way for employees to engage with art from home, while building awareness about mental and physical disabilities and homelessness.

Art for Home Offices

ArtLifting is offering a limited time affordable print collection for home office spaces. Socially-conscious artwork at home can instill pride in employees, develop company culture, and inspire innovation.

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