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Combining the Power of Art and Business

July 3, 2017 Rank & File Magazine 


The Power of Art in Our Communities

June 23, 2017 Britto Charette


Building a Career as an Artist 

June 7, 2017 Abilities United


Elle Impact Awards 2017

June 7, 2017 Elle Magazine


Meet Liz Powers of ArtLifting in Back Bay

May 22, 2017 Boston Voyager


Missed the NEVYs? Here Are the 5 Boston Startups That Won Awards

May 18, 2017 Built In Boston


ArtLifting Offers Opportunities to Individuals Facing Homelessness or Disabilities

May 18, 2017 Art Zealous


ArtLifting Helps Artists Facing Homeless and Disability Sell Their Art

May 5, 2017 UpRoxx


Global Reach, Local Inspiration: 25 Awesome Boston Startups

May 12, 2017 Epic Presence


Liz Powers on the Conscious Business Show

May 8, 2017 Conscious Capitalism


Small Biz, Big Impact: ArtLifting

May 5, 2017 VistaPrint

Hidden Heroes: Neighbors Helping Neighbors
May 1, 2017 CBS

ArtLifting x ThinOptics x Quincy Jones
April 25, 2017 ArtLifting

Why Not Now? Featuring Liz Powers
April 19, 2017 Amy Jo Martin

Weston Artist Expressing Himself Through Painting 
April 6, 2017 WCVB 5

Artist Expresses Colorful Side Of Autism
April 1, 2017 WTVF 5

Unusual Pairings
March 17, 2017 NBC NYC

ArtLifting x Parlor Skis
February 17, 2017 Vimeo

Castilleja Arts Showcase Shines a Light on Mental Illness
February 17, 2017 Palo Alto Pulse

Art Inspired by Hardship and Disadvantage Now a Force for Change
February 11, 2017 SBS

Around Town: ArtLifting
January 25, 2017 Boston Neighborhood Network

These Inspiring Startups Make Giving a Core Part of Their Missions
January 19, 2017 Entrepreneur.com

ArtLifting Offers Hope to Homeless and Disabled Artists
January 18, 2017 FedEx Blog

Boston's Best New Shopping and Services
January 5, 2017 Boston Globe Magazine

ArtLifting: Empowerment through Opportunity Rather than with a Handout
January 3, 2017 Responsibuys.com  


For One Boston Startup, a Creative Way to Help Homelessness 
December 23, 2016 VOA

ArtLifting x ThinOptics 
December 16, 2016

ArtLifting Helps Homeless Veterans Find Peace and Profit
November 25, 2016 NECN

Gifts That Give Back
November 20, 2016 LA Times 

ArtLifting x Starbucks
November 23, 2016

ArtLifting Combines the Power of Art and Business
November 9, 2016 Bay State Banner 

ArtLifting Lets You Give Back When You Gift Art
November 4, 2016 Apartment Therapy 

How Millennials Are Changing Corporate Art Collections
November 3, 2016 Artsy

Tech Fixes Homelessness in Silicon Valley's Backyard
October 26, 2016 USA Today

Names: Here and There 
October 17, 2016 Boston Globe 

ArtLifting Curates and Sells Artwork Created by Artists Facing Homelessness and Disability
September 27, 2016 HuffPost Good News 

This Company Sells Artwork Created By People Facing Homelessness And Disability
September 23, 2016 Huffington Post 

How This Company Helps Artists Facing Homelessness And Disability Paint Their Way To Stability
September 23, 2016 Huffington Post 

Jobs: Rethinking Our Narrow Definition
September 22, 2016 Huffington Post 

These Artists are Faced with Homelessness and Disabilities. ArtLifting Curates and Sells their Artwork
September 20, 2016 Huffington Post 

What the Founder of TOMS Shoes Is Doing Now
September 8, 2016 Fortune 

How This Painter’s Blindness Became His Greatest Asset
September 1, 2016 Artsy 

Microsoft Hearts Startups: ArtLifting
August 29, 2016 Microsoft 

How ArtLifting Empowers Homeless and Disabled Artists
August 20, 2016 IVOH 

For Profit and For Public Good: ArtLifting Helps Empower Artists
August 10, 2016 AMEX

Worth 1,000 Words: Art as Voice 
August 9, 2016 Fab Blog

Why Boston Tech Will Unite for a Scavenger Hunt at This Art Museum
August 8, 2016 Bostinno 

Keep Painting, Andrew! 
August 6, 2016 A+ Media (Ashton Kutcher) 

New Favorites: ArtLifting 
August 3, 2016 Red Papaya Blog 

Art For Good 
August 1, 2016 Elements of Style 

News Quiz with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan
July 29, 2016 WGBH News

21st Centuries Solutions Grant Winners 
July 26, 2016 NBC Bay Area

A 28-year-old Figured Out a Brilliant Way to Get the Homeless Off the Streets 
July 26, 2016 Business Insider

ArtLifting: A Platform For Homeless Artists
July 11, 2016 WGBH

2 Millenials Created a Non-profit Start-up Incubator That's Trying to Solve One of

San Francisco's Biggest Problems 
July 4, 2016 Business Insider

My Experience Being Homeless
June 30, 2016 Medium

These Two Millennials Are Taking on Big Urban Problems — and Winning
June 30, 2016 NationSwell

Opportunities Not Handouts
June 29, 2016 Medium.com

Client Spotlight: With ArtLifting, Liz Powers Helps Homeless Artists
June 20, 2016 First Republic Bank 

ArtLifting Helps Homeless Artists Sell Their Work
June 10, 2016 Boston Magazine

Meet the Woman who Helps Disabled and homeless artists sell impressive work
June 2, 2016 The Christian Science Monitor 

Disabled, Homeless Artists Create Artwork For Memorial Day Display At MFA
May 30, 2016 CBS Boston

MFA displays artworks by homeless, disabled on Memorial Day
May 30, 2016 The Boston Globe

ArtLifting Takes The Business of Activism, And Makes It A Fine Art
May 27, 2016 WGBH News

Lessa and ArtLifting Team Up to Offer Limited Edition Mattress for a Good Cause
May 5, 2016 Gear Diary 

Buy a Designer Mattress, Do Social Good
May 2, 2016 The Boston Globe

Leesa Sleep and ArtLifting Open World's First "Leesa Dream Gallery" in SoHo, NYC Showcasing Paintings by Homeless and Disabled Artists
April 28, 2016 Business Wire

A Curator with a Cause
March 24, 2016 The Harvard Crimson

Boston-based ArtLifting Highlighted at SXSW
March 17, 2016 The Boston Globe

Boston-Based Corporation Showcases Homeless Artists
March 2, 2016 MIT Sloan School of Management Newsroom

Helping Homeless Artists Turn Around Their Fortunes
February 17, 2016 New York Times

ArtLifting Feature: NBC Nightly News
February 7, 2016 NBC 

ArtLifting Feature: The Today Show
January 31, 2016 Today Show

Harvard Grad Solves Problem of Loneliness One Painting At A Time
January 13, 2016 Boston.com

Frank Brescia is Painting His Way Home
January 12, 2016 Boston Globe


Strokes of Hope
December 21, 2015 Medium

How ArtLifting is Helping Helping Homeless and Disabled Artists in Chicago Sell Their Work
November 5, 2015 ChicagoInno

ArtLifting Raises $1.1 Million to Help the Homeless Sell Their Art
October 27, 2015 TechCrunch

New Startup Sells Works by Homeless Artists
October 27, 2015 Forbes 

New Money: Desktop Metal Lands $14M From Bolt & Others; Litmus, ArtLifting Raise $$
October 27, 2015 Bostinno

Founder of Toms Shoes invests in Boston startup that helps underprivileged artists
October 27, 2014 Boston Business Journal 

'From Art, Hope': Game Changers 2015
May 8, 2015 Globe Magazine

ArtLifting Creates a New Way of Life for Homeless Artists
March 13, 2015 CBS News

Art That Matters
March/April 2015 Design New England Magazine

#WomenDoingWell Leading Lady Feature: Liz Powers is Changing the Way We Invest in Art
January 13, 2015 WomensiLab.com


Transforming the Lives of Disabled Artists
December 29, 2014 Miami Herald

For Once-Homeless Artist, A Big Sale Makes the Holidays Bright
December 28, 2014 The Washington Post

My Instagram: ArtLifting
December 27, 2014 The Boston Globe

ArtLifting Exhibit highlight of Designers' Night Out
December 19, 2014 The Boston Globe

ArtLifting is Opening a Brick & Mortar Gallery in the Boston Design Center
December 2, 2014 Bostinno.Streetwise.com

ArtLifting To Sell Artwork at Harvard-Yale
November 20, 2014 The Harvard Crimson

MassChallenge Winner: Artlifting
November 16, 2014 NECN.com

Veterans Day: ArtLifting
November 12, 2014 ABC TV Boston

The Boston Art Sale to Visit Before
2015 November 6, 2014 Boston Magazine

More 2014 Top 26! CareerVillage.org, ArtLifting, Grapevine November
5, 2014 Masschallenge.org

These Beautiful Art Works Were Made By Homeless People
November 4, 2014 Fastcoexist.com

ArtLifting Founder Delivers Inspiring Talk to Marblehead Rotary Club
October 4, 2014 Marblehead

Congratulations to our 2014 ONEin3 Impact Award Winner!
September 26, 2014 OneIn3Boston.com

Art For Artists’ Sake
September 9, 2014 Harvard Gazette

'ArtLifting' Site Uplifts the Homeless by Selling Their Art
August 28, 2014 CNET.com

'ArtLifting'Site Uplifts Homeless Artists by Selling Their Art
August 28, 2014 Yahoo News

From Crane Operator to Artist: How a Homeless Man Is Transforming His Life
August 28, 2014 Huffington Post

Website Sells Work of Disabled Artists
July 6, 2014 The Boston Herald

July 1, 2014 Pocket Robin

HUECU Partners with Artlifting
June 11, 2014 HUECU.org

The Importance of the Art of Ernest
June 5, 2014 The Huntington News

Harvard i-lab Project Joins with MIT CoLab Artist For Community-Sourced Back Bay Mural
May 26, 2014 BetaBoston

A New Business: Helping Homeless Artists Become Visible
May 3, 2014 Huffington Post


Online Marketplace Sells Work by Homeless, Sick, Disabled Artists

February 12, 2014 ABC TV Boston 2013


Creations by Homeless or Disabled Folks Helped by ArtLifting

December 17, 2013 BDCwire.com


Homeless Artists are Selling Their Art Online with the Help of a Boston-Based Website

December 12, 2013 DeathAndTaxes.com


Online Marketplace Launches for Homeless and Disabled Artists

December 12, 2013 Boston.com


Site Creates New Marketplace for Homeless Artists

December 11, 2013 The Boston Globe

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