Steps to Apply

  1. Please set aside 30-45 minutes to complete this application in its entirety
    • Its helpful to have access to the images when you apply (there will be a prompt to upload once written portion is completed).
    • If you don’t have access to images, you can email the images to
  2. Review our criteria here to ensure you meet qualifications to participate.
  3. Complete our online written application.
    • This application is an important part of the application process. It helps the curation team to better understand each artist's story, experience, and unique art process. Please take your time in filling out our application!
    • You may want to think of this application as a chance to “paint a picture of yourself” in words to accompany the artwork you submit.
    • It is highly preferred that all artists submit complete applications through our website, but we are sensitive to issues or circumstances that may arise for applicants.
      • If you are unable to complete the application through our website, you can download an application here.
      • You can complete digitally or or by hand and then return by email to
  4. Submit 10-30 images of your artwork in addition to the written application for review.
    • Only digital submissions will be reviewed. We can not accept any physical artwork submissions as part of the application process.
    • ArtLifting currently only accepts 2-Dimensional artwork (painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, or digital art). Unfortunately we are not able to accept submissions including three dimensional, sculptural or craft work at this time.

How to submit images:

  • Once you have completed the written portion of the application, you will be able to upload image files to complete the application.
  • It is always best to submit artwork photographed under the best conditions possible so that our team can see your art as close to its original form as possible.
    • Artwork can be submitted as a photograph by phone or as a high-resolution images from a DSL camera.
    • All artwork submitted for review should be currently available to be sold as original or photographed to make printable files.
    • If the artwork has been sold or is no longer available, it needs to be available as a high-resolution image file (at least 300 DPI).
  • It is preferred that artists submit image files labeled with titles of the artwork.
  • It is best to provide as many images and range styles as possible. This will help our curation team to get the best sense of your artwork and unique style.
  • We must have both the written application and images before we can review.

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