ArtLifting’s rotation Program helps us keep our space fresh, relevant, and engaging.  Googlers are exposed to a variety of artists and artworks over the year which helps inspire new creativity and inclusivity. </p>-Heith Rogers, Facilities Manager at Google LA

We want our teams to feel connected to the area they do their work in.  Art seems to be something that can bring people together. I see employees taking the story in. It’s just something that draws you in and calls you to absorb it. </p>-John Moran, Real Estate Project Lead at Google Cambridge

They are able to give me dozens of options each rotation. I get to personally pick each piece with ArtLifting’s guidance, which has really developed my appreciation for art. The art is then delivered and installed by ArtLifting, making it a really really smooth and seamless process. There is no work required on on my end, other than growing my appreciation for art. </p>-Logan Bjorkman, Hines Property Manager

Combining with ArtLifting to create a new kind of retail experience while giving homeless and disabled artists a platform to show and sell their art is a dream come true. </p>-David Wolfe, Leesa Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer